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What’s the choices “February nine at four:30am” inventory teased in commercials for Early Stage Trader?

By Travis Johnson, Stock Gumshoe, January 23, 2020

Jeff Brown’s “Timed Stocks” pitch is basically just some other spiel approximately “shopping for biotech shares before a catalyst event,” however it’s wrapped up in one of these video “summit” conferences that implies it’s some thing beyond a newsletter advert… and it’s so full of large promises of capacity 1,000%+ gains that it’s using a number of Gumshoe reader hobby.

They even hired a female with an English accessory to introduce the “presentation,” at the side of some atypical techno track… type of strikes a chord in my memory of the choices 1980s, while everybody on Wall Street listened to horrific tune and employed secretaries and receptionists with aristocratic-sounding English accents to make them appear to be they were hoity-toity top class parents.

But anyway, what can I tell you about the presentation? It’s an advert for Jeff Brown’s Early Stage Trader, which they say is “dedicated to delivering fast returns from small tech shares”, and it’s “on sale” — they’re peddling it for $1,997 for years with numerous ensures (“listing price” is $4,000 a 12 months).

Those guarantees are that the choices average choose will at the least double, and that one pick will upward thrust via 1,000% or more… so what’s the meat? What if the ones guarantees aren’t fulfilled? In that case, you get a 3rd yr free of charge.

And I sat thru the choices whole “presentation,” so by no means doubt that I love you… and I pulled out some tidbits along the choices way.

Much of the choices “presentation” is about the overall concept of “Timed Stocks” and the knowledge with which Brown claims he can pick out the choices winners in that category with one hundred% achievement… but what caught the attention of maximum Gumshoe readers, of course, became the concept that there’s the sort of arising quickly, with “Jeff’s #1 Timed Stock” set to hit zero on its “timer” on February 9.

And we all realize that e-newsletter teaser ads require a deadline — in the event that they just say, “we’ll discover 12 stocks with high-quality ability over the subsequent year,” you’ll possibly yawn and flow on… but if they say “we’ve were given a mystery inventory that could rise by using 1,000% or extra in two or 3 weeks, hurry and kind for your credit card numbers before the deadline,” nicely, the choices response price for that advert surges higher. We all crave instantaneous actuality and fast profits, because, nicely, we’re no longer very clever simplest human.

The first half of of the choices presentation is all about this mystical notion of “timed shares” — Jeff Brown says he has recognized greater than 100 “timed stocks” which have posted massive gains, with a hundred% winners… even though, of route, I’ll remind you that locating past winners is just a statistics mining workout that requires only which you tweak your standards till everything comes up roses, it’s pretty smooth (it’s finding future ones that’s tough).

“Timed Stocks” are just shares that, thanks to the choices federal government, have a preset timer connected to their proportion fee — while the timer ticks down, the inventory surges because it receives to 0. Whatever ought to that imply?

We get a group of examples… right here are a few, in case you’re fascinated:

Emisphere (EMIS) provided a “timed inventory” opportunity on February 22, 2018. Went from a few pennies to $2+, then later to nearly $10.

Amarin (AMRN) had a December 15, 2011 “timed inventory” moment Monday, september 21 at 8am — a 314% benefit in 3 days, which he says is on the choices “lower cease” of “timed stock” profits.

And we’re instructed that certainly one of the biggest “timed shares” in records changed into Alterity (ATHE), a nanocap worth beneath $10 million… and Brown says that…

“They didn’t realize this was a “timed inventory” that become set Monday, July 29, at 8am. Had we gotten in in advance of time, our reward could have been 23,2 hundred% in in the future.”

Note that he says “could have been” — which almost certainly manner “wasn’t”… when traders make gains like that, they talk approximately it.

And I was curious approximately that one, genuinely, considering the fact that I think it changed into the choices hugest winner he referred to, so I went to check it out — it turns out that this is nearly absolutely a made-up little bit of foofaraw, created by means of any individual mining beyond “large winner” inventory charts with out truly looking at the choices employer or the numbers.

Alterity Therapeutics is an Australian biotech, it is certainly very tiny (marketplace cap is still round US$10 million, and on common it trades much less than approximately A$eight,000 worth really worth of stocks in any given day). There’s also a Nasdaq listing at ATHE for an ADR, and, perhaps greater importantly for our functions, there’s a legacy OTC list at ticker PRNAF that basically by no means trades.

But when they released their Phase 1 medical trial outcomes for their drug (so sure, there has been honestly a “timed stock” catalyst), the choices shares of the choices OTC image PRNAF did certainly rise with the aid of 23,000% in someday. But that’s just due to the choices trick of charting software insisting on a place to begin that isn’t zero, the inventory certainly went from trading no shares and quoting a $zero.00 proportion rate on the days leading as much as July 29, to buying and selling seven hundred shares for two.three cents every on July 29. Which charts display as a 23,000% gain, even though the choices inventory had been at a similar level only some weeks previously, whilst it closing traded.

The trap? That was a unmarried trade in a image that essentially by no means trades, and it was for — get this — a total of seven hundred shares. Which way that a person, someplace, finished a change the usage of this typically defunct OTC ticker for a complete of $16.10. That’s wherein the choices 23,000% advantage chart comes from.

Now, to be truthful, the real business enterprise in its real domestic market did respond undoubtedly as properly — on the choices Australian exchange, Alterity in brief spiked from approximately three cents a percentage to 4 cents a proportion on the choices 29th, on the choices electricity of 1.6 million stocks trading in the wake of the Phase 1 trial results (so yes, that’s a total of approximately $50,000 worth of buying and selling inside the inventory that day), even though it became back off under 3 cents quite speedy a day or later. There was a real catalyst reaction to the medical trial outcomes, but it wasn’t even one hundred% not to mention 23,000%… and in case you blinked, you missed it.

There are a group of others that he cites within the ad, should you desire to move take a look at them… with a bit of luck they’re greater “actual”…

Clovis on January 2, at 4:05pm on Wednesday afternoon, got a $1.6 billion windfall, stocks shot up 524%, from the $30-40 range. So that should be a connection with 2017.

Matinas had its “Timer” event on February 8 at 7:05am, went from a microcap at about a greenback to $7 or so, way to a $a hundred ninety million providence.

Amicus had a timer that turned into purported to hit 0 on April 29 at 8am, so if you got earlier than that around $10, it went right down to $5 after which rose 721% whilst the “timer” hit 0.

I didn’t study they all, and there were at least a dozen greater… and sorry, digging into every example is not actually the choices point here — the point is that we must always question those forms of ludicrous beyond returns that are referred to… now not handiest are they usually the end result of data mining and backtesting, not ancient inventory pick ideas from the choices unique service being advertised (keep in mind, you could make a backtest say ANYTHING about the choices achievement of your strategy, on the grounds that of route you tinker with the choices criteria till your effects are extraordinary, the choices complete factor is to look for matters that labored inside the past), but now and again they’re additionally just hooey. Certainly we must no longer imbue them with any predictive energy, or allow them to ignite our daydreams.

So we’re moving on… and yes, that “timed shares” notion is in reality a connection with FDA calendars and hints. They even cite the “federal government rules” that tell us that these shares have this predictable timing…

Brown says that Title 21, Part 312 of CFR is the government file that each inventory filed earlier than their stocks spiked up. And yes, 21 CFR 312 is, of course, the choices section of the choices Code of Federal Regulations that covers the choices policies for Investigational New Drug Applications to the choices FDA. Most of that is not particularly timed, although there are a few hints for evaluation instances and transparency of the evaluate timeline that on the whole took place as a result of PDUFA and its diverse updates (that’s the Prescription Drug User Fee Act, which was first enacted in 1992 and became essentially designed to get the choices FDA more funding, within the form of fees paid by way of drug builders, and in exchange for that investment to hurry up and streamline the brand new drug approval procedure).

The ad says that of the choices 119 “timed shares” Jeff Brown has tracked, one hundred% of them have long past up the second their timer hit 0. He should have made cash on all 119 the usage of his standards, for a a hundred% win price.

So is he saying that one hundred% of stocks which might be on a timeline for FDA approval or a medical trial records launch will pass up? Of course no longer, even though that’s the initial influence the ad offers.

What he’s really pronouncing is that the shares that meet the standards he has chosen continually pass up when they record their essential information… due to the fact the information in those instances is always properly — that is a loopy enough declare to make in its personal right.

And he says that there’s records all and sundry can get in what he calls a “timed inventory request shape” — the choices organization files this shape, and whilst it’s authorized via the authorities the choices stock then has a timer attached to the share charge. It ticks down literally minute with the aid of minute, second by means of 2nd.

(which isn’t truly actual, by means of the manner, the FDA has timing hints and dreams, and every medical trial that the FDA approves does have a time table and a demand that they record the outcomes of the trial… however there may be no hard rule that they must announce decisions on a particular day even for the maximum confined schedules just like the PDUFA date assessment closing date for very last new drug approval — sometimes they’re in advance than the aim, occasionally later).

And sure, he does move directly to explain that these occasions, that are as a minimum loosely predictable in the calendar, cause stock charge motion because they are successfully major bulletins about being one step in the direction of bringing a modern day drug to marketplace (and therefore getting cash on it).

So it is able to be advantageous preclinical outcomes (like, something that works super in the lab), high-quality scientific trial effects (which means it’s running well in human trials), the choices filing of an IND utility or actual FDA approval… any of those announcements pour cash into that “timed inventory” and the proportion rate is going up. A timed inventory is a company that makes an statement of any of those kinds… which means that that lots of those future catalysts aren’t in reality in particular tied to unique dates (let alone instances), but are virtually greater narrowed down to 1 / 4 or a month or (as in, “we’ll document pinnacle line facts from this medical trial in Q3”).

Though glaringly, biotech stocks additionally announce awful news with some regularity — and, in case you’re unaware, that usually tends to pressure the inventory down. Sometimes dramatically.

So it’s honestly extra fair to mention that “When this announcement is advantageous, buyers pour cash into the stock.”

Which means you have to pick out the choices stocks which are going to launch excellent information — preferably information that’s even better than buyers expect. Which comes as an “um, duh” assertion — each stock rises when it reviews news this is higher than expected, and falls while it reports information that is worse than expected. That’s the nature of a marketplace, what actions shares is a change in investor belief… and on a single-inventory basis, that’s commonly because the choices information is specific than traders anticipated.

So the choices trick is, how do you understand it’s going to be tremendous news, and ideally tremendously superb? Isn’t that impossible?

Jeff says no, that his paintings (backtesting, I presume) tells him that he has a predictable, dependable manner to determine these consequences.

Essentially, his key standards, as I read it, is that the choices inventory has to have long gone public currently, and to have completed so with out in reality wanting to move public. He thinks this offers him the threshold, due to the fact biotech organisation leaders are incentivized to go public before they release exact scientific records or attain milestones, for the reason that they realize that these accurate information releases will growth the cost of the business enterprise.

Which I guess makes a certain amount of logical sense, though I might be taken aback if it’s miles clear or predictable that a newly public biotech reports precise effects the choices first day trip. And on the choices turn aspect, of route, we’ve the truth that biotech leaders don’t realize what the choices consequences of their medical trials are going to be six months or a yr out… and as stewards of the corporation, they may also be incentivized to head public later, after right news, due to the fact that would get a better charge for the brand new shares they’re promoting.

And he further emphasizes two matters — that now not all biotech events are equal, with phase or 3 consequences carrying extra weight than segment one… which is sure actual… and that drugs that have huge capacity markets can have a larger financial impact on their owner than niche pills. Which is also quality and logical, though it’s tough to take critically a person who takes those logical statements and says those 3 or 4 criteria make for a hundred% successful stock alternatives round close to-time period catalyst dates.

Brown did say that he looked for exceptions to this idea — shares with with precise VC investment that went public earlier than they needed to, after which released a poor assertion and saw their percentage price fall. He didn’t locate any, which is in which he receives that a hundred% achievement charge… though most biotech stocks launch data with some regularity, and with multiple information occasion in any given year that movements the choices stock up or down, so how he determined which became the choices key occasion to screen I don’t understand. Certainly some biotech shares pass down inside the year when they pass public.

So that’s a long-winded manner of saying that the rule of thumb is that he wants to search for biotech groups that have a few form of information or FDA-associated catalyst, look for whilst they’re scheduled to file an assertion (once in a while it’s no longer a particular date, however a popular time period), then narrow it all the way down to handiest organizations that lately IPO’d and had stable VC funding earlier than the choices IPO, because that gives a one hundred% fact of a effective announcement.

And, as I assume I’ve made clear, I’m first-rate skeptical that the choices actual consequences can be everywhere close to one hundred% predictive of fine stock price actions… however we’ll depart that aside for now and attention on what the choices first stock might be.

I’ll leave you with a visual clue, on the grounds that that’s one of the key standards used to test the choices Thinkolator’s results. Here’s a screenshot from the presentation of the inventory that he’s teasing:

Going via the stock chart, and the truth that the choices employer raised $140 million in project capital and went public fairly lately, arguably earlier than they needed to cross public, the choices stock is absolutely Fulcrum Therapeutics (FULC)… they did boost $140 million in investment in their task rounds, and they went public in July — even though whether or no longer they “wanted” to head public is, I suppose, debatable. They have been ramping up spending for medical trials, however additionally they pushed it to go public at what turned into a slightly weak time, with their IPO having to shrink a piece to get finalized, and it ended up being a “busted” IPO that didn’t get returned as much as the providing rate till December and, in reality, fell with the aid of about 2/3 in the few months after the choices IPO.

And heres that matching stock chart for you from YCharts, if you’re curious — each this and Brown’s chart pass over the first 3 months or so of weak spot after the July IPO:

But as a ways as the choices “February nine at four:30am?” I’ve had no good fortune reaching any fact about what that February nine date method with this one — it’s honestly no longer the predicted date for Phase 2 effects for his or her lead drug. The Phase 2 examine of their lead drug, losmapimod for facioscapulohumeral muscular dystrophy (FSHD) did start on August nine and it does have a 24-week dosing duration, so I assume you may just upload six months to that date and wager that the first patients could have been dosed and had their records accrued by means of February nine, however that’s a chunk of a stretch — much more likely it’ll take longer than that before any of the choices consequences from this Phase 2 trial are made public until there’s some stunning information (there were no updates from the look at so far, at the least as a ways as I can inform)… and the anticipated “top line statistics” launch is inside the second half of 2020, with the study final touch date expected to be in August.

This is the company’s “vision,” if you need to get into the choices tale a chunk:

“Thousands of genetically defined illnesses have a acknowledged root reason. Our product engine allows us to systematically method drug discovery in genetically defined illnesses. We intention to find out and develop sickness editing healing procedures that result in meaningful consequences for patients and households.

“Our vision is to deal with genetically defined illnesses by addressing their root cause.”

And that is the choices fundamental data about their lead application:

“Facioscapulohumeral muscular dystrophy (FSHD) is a rare, modern and disabling sickness for which there are not any accredited remedies. The ailment is characterized via modern skeletal muscle loss that to start with reasons weakness in muscles within the face, shoulders, fingers and trunk, and progresses to weak spot during the decrease body. Skeletal muscle weakness effects in large physical barriers, inclusive of an incapacity to grin and problem using arms for sports, with many patients ultimately turning into dependent upon the usage of a wheelchair for day by day mobility.

“FSHD is resulting from aberrant expression of DUX4 in skeletal muscle, ensuing inside the irrelevant presence of DUX4 protein. Normally, DUX4-driven gene expression is restrained to early embryonic improvement, after which time the DUX4 gene is silenced. In patients with FSHD, the DUX4 gene is unsilenced as a result of a genetic mutation. The end result is loss of life of muscle and its replacement by using fat, resulting in skeletal muscle weak spot and revolutionary incapacity.

“We initiated a Phase 2b medical trial of losmapimod, our product candidate for FSHD, in August 2019.”

The number one outcome degree for this trial is DUX4 hobby, with a measure of the gene suppression (or lack thereof) of DUX4 at week sixteen, so it’s now not always impossible that some partial news should pop out in February or in any other case earlier than the choices legitimate launch of pinnacle-line results within the second 1/2 of this 12 months, but nor is it mainly possibly — I haven’t visible any indication from the business enterprise that we need to count on information or any kind of scientific presentation on February 9 or at another time within the close to future. The US have a look at locations all say that they’re presently “enrolling by using invitation” and some of the European sites are not yet even recruiting.

Other activities that could include this records Brown recommendations at, or give a purpose for some initial information readout from the trial? Well, they’re possibly to report their fourth quarter profits in mid-February… although income releases don’t typically imply lots for biotechs.

And there are alternatives other motives to don’t forget Fulcrum, although they’re not probably to generate large information inside the next few weeks. They introduced a new collaboration settlement with Acceleron at the choices end of December to be able to convey in some investment, and will result in milestone bills and royalties on any merchandise that result… and they assume to put up IND applications to begin scientific trials in their treatments for Sickle Cell Disease and Beta-Thalassemia within the center of the choices year.

There has been another actual “catalyst” event as nicely, the discharge of Phase 1 effects lower back in October… which were precise sufficient to similarly guide the choices Phase 2 selections they’d already made, because the Phase 2 trial started out a couple months before the Phase 1 facts changed into launched, but the share rate additionally fell to its lowest rate some weeks later.

As is typical, I don’t have any concept what’s going to show up with Fulcrum Therapeutics — I hardly ever get concerned with clinical stage biotech stocks, partly because the economics are so murky and so reliant on a wholly unsure future, but typically because the most effective issue I can be pretty sure of is that the choices individual promoting their shares to me probable understands the science higher than I do. This one seems like it’s probable a respectable bet as medical level orphan drug remedies go, if handiest because they seem to be the agency that’s most advanced in this space at the moment.

If you want a contrast, possibly the choices maximum apt one is Acceleron (XLRN — sure, the choices identical company they’ve greater lately collaborated with on different stuff), which lately had a Phase 2 trial for a drug additionally targeting FSHD — and they rather introduced on September 16 that the drug had did not meet its endpoints, and they have been canceling the application. The assessment is surely now not best, due to the fact XLRN also has numerous different capsules of their pipeline and that they’re a far larger organization… however within the couple weeks that the stock become most probable reacting often to this FSHD news, earlier than different information got here out, the marketplace cap did fall by means of approximately $three hundred million. Before roaring returned on excellent news in some other applications, but nevertheless, possibly that $300 million provides some indication of what a successful Phase 2 trial might deliver in terms of market capitalization. For Fulcrum, which is a $four hundred million organization proper now and probably isn’t granted a number of cost for his or her much in advance-degree operations, that kind of swing would possibly indicate that a disastrous Phase 2 trial ought to suggest a loss of seventy five%, and a solid one should suggest a comparable advantage. That’s very squishy thinking, but perhaps it will provide a few context.

As for me, I’ll sit down this one out… and continue to be skeptical of everyone using a 100% a success backtest to imply they’re assured to be a hundred% successful inside the future. But for all of the folks stricken by FSHD, well, I virtually wish them the choices exceptional, and I hope Fulcrum’s treatment works miracles.

Irregulars Quick Take

First to start off with a Big Thank You! To Travis for his sight helping such a lot of human beings. Next simply desired to say I examine these submit periodically to research from others reports . I am one that has sold into of the News letters of maximum of those GURU’s, Stand-berry ass. , Jeff Brown, Steve sjgurude , Matt Mcall, Louis Navalier,Paul Mamphilly and lots of others. From my very own research of Portfolio’s and Investing from these advisers. I can tell all of you to come right here first and take a look at them out, lots to be found out before dropping your cash. From my enjoy, Louis Navelleir, and Matt mcall, Steve Sjugrude , in that order, have the choices pleasant track record. I am new to this but considering March once I first began buying in, I actually have visible 682%, one hundred ninety%, a hundred and eighty%, on down. All of these stocks I chose are all Long term shares which have not ran their route but. Yes I was shopping for in bottom of market crash, but knowing what to get into at that time is what has allowed me to do it when I selected to pull the trigger. Yes, it value me a bundle of money to get those newsletters, schooling I have learned is not reasonably-priced. It has taken faraway from what I needed to make investments with to get it, simply to discover the Honest ones which might be accurate extra times than not. From my revel in, and from pulling the choices Portfolios of the others as I said the ones above in that order were the choices most accurate so far. I am just seeking to assist ya”ll out and prevent the choices cash I actually have wasted. I am strictly searching out long time stocks of the way the sector has changed from a time after I grew up and that is now the Digital Age that human beings like me couldn’t see before . Continue to return here to Travis sight and take a look at and learn as I do, No I am no longer affiliated with him , I actually have recognized his honesty and the choices potential he has to make this sight the choices excellent for finding out the humans dumping and dumping, all to make a buck of the choices little guy. For the ones still analyzing that 682% inventory I am nevertheless protecting is APPS . $3.seventy nine nearly bottom I agree with it become March 23 rd.

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